Rose Necklace

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Rose Necklace
Rose Necklace

Beautiful rose pendant necklace. Fun and elegance, just what every outfit needs.  This plated pendant measures 3.2 cm x 1.7 cm on a 36 + 5 cm chain. 


The perfect gift for any woman.

  • Date night? Dazzle your companion with this graceful accessory - a subtle way to compliment that little black dress. This necklace will grab attention without screaming for it, which is exactly what you need to calm down those nerves! Remember: Simplicity is key.
  • Big presentation? Bring on the confidence! Nothing strengthens you more than standing out! A shiny pendant against your tame suit will show your audience you're not afraid to make bold decisions.  You're exactly what your company is looking for.
  • Family dinner? Avoid the awkward questions.  They'll be too distracted with your new accessory to bother nitpicking your every life decision. In fact, bring them one and they'll be double distracted.
  • Birthday party? The smallest gifts mean the most.  Your BFF needs to feel beautiful inside and out.  Tell her to wear this when she's feeling down so she always remembers the strength of a friendship.


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